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I Just Love the Look of LitCharts

What are LitCharts? you ask.

"The world's best literature guides, created by the original editors of SparkNotes."

Circular fan charts that break down a Literature Classic into themes by chapter or section. An astounding number of books are available, from Animal Farm to Wuthering Heights. Each book covered has the beautiful, color coded, interactive fan chart, and a downloadable guide with Characters, Themes, Quotes and more. Roaming around on the chart through each wedge shows a summary of each chapter or section. Check it out, it is sure a fun and inspiring way to look at a book. Just be aware that the summaries are full of spoilers, so read the book before you roam the chart.

These would be a great addition to a Scholar (High School) or Depth (College) level study of the Classics.

I'm thinking that these could be really useful, after the book has been read and discussed, to help organize a written paper.

Now, if I could just figure out how to download and print the fan charts.

Did I mention these are all FREE?

 Below is the downloaded, printable PDF file.

I plan to download all my favorites, and make a binder full of them.

See if they have your favorite Classics at LitCharts.


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