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The Ultimate Guide to Childcraft Books

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You may have seen Childcraft books mentioned in the homeschool realm, and be wondering what the big deal is about them.

They are an illustrated anthology of children's books and they are wonderful.

Childcraft sets were first published in 1934, and have gone through many changes over the years. The older sets, through the 1960s, have wonderful illustrations. The sets from the 1970s and later aren't quite as good, illustration wise, but there are some gems in the later sets too.

The sets saw numerous changes through the years, growing from 7 volumes to 15. There were also many Annuals published, some of which later ended up replacing a volume of the standard set. I will try to give a thorough overview of what each different set contains, so that if you are on the lookout for a set, you will know which editions you prefer.

The number of changes over the years are great, and so this will have to be a series of posts to cover them well.

You can find Childcraft sets on eBay at any given time, though the prices there are not usually the best. Your best bet is to keep an eye out at your local used book or thrift stores. Complete sets can be had for $20-$40 fairly easily, and I know a few lucky souls who have found the whole set for under $5. Let it be known that you are looking for them, and you may find that someone will just give you an old set they are no longer using. The early red sets from 1934-1937 are harder to find, and higher in value, a complete set sells for about $50-$150 depending on condition, though these also can occasionally be found at thrift stores for a real bargain.

So stay tuned for several upcoming posts about the joy that is Childcraft.


The Ultimate Guide to Childcraft Books Series

Part Two - 1934-1937 Edition


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