Here we go!

I am Heidi Nash, a homeschooling mom who found that all the homeschool planners out there are filled with schedules, curriculum checklists, test records and grading systems.

I don't homeschool like that, it simply doesn't fit my family.

I wanted a planner that helped me to keep track of what my children are already learning through their curiosity, their playing and their passions. I also wanted something to help me plan my acquisition of resources and books, and to help plan an overall atmosphere of learning in our home.

Heavily inspired by the Leadership Education philosophy, I set out to create worksheets, calendars and record keepers to track our educations.

I hope you find these useful and that they will help you to be the inspiring leader of education in your home.


P.S. I want to give special recognition to some of the talented family and friends who have contributed here. 

Photographs by Shawnicy Barnhart.

Artwork by Bradley Williams, Hannah Nash and Robby Nash.

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