Project Inspire started because I saw many that homeschool moms were looking for a homeschool planner that fit their "Inspire, not Require" method of homeschooling, and all that they could find were planners filled with schedules, curriculum checklists, test records and grading systems.

They wanted a planner that helped them keep track of what their children were already learning through their curiosity, their playing and their passions.

They also wanted something to help them plan the acquisition of resources and books, and to help plan an overall atmosphere of learning in their homes.

I'm Heidi Ifland Nash, and as a former graphic designer, and a TJEd homeschooler, I knew I could help.

Heavily inspired by the Leadership Education philosophy, I set out to create worksheets, calendars and record keepers to track an inspired education.

Since that simple beginning, I have found that many of these same homeschool moms were looking for more help with actually understanding and applying the Leadership Education philosophy in their homeschools, so I began blogging, a little here and a little there. 

Homeschool Planners for mom, for kids, and for youth, Blogging, a Facebook Group, and now the Curiosity Reboot Course have all grown from those first requests for a TJEd homeschool planner.