Librivox and Ambleside are a Great Match

(If you clicked through from a Pinterest Pin about 49 Inspiring Classics, somehow it linked wrong. Here is the post you are looking for - Getting Started With Inspiring Classics.)

I love the wonderful lists of Living Books compiled by For fans of Charlotte Mason, Classical Education and even Unschoolers, their website is a treasure trove of great resources, even if you don't plan to follow their curriculum. 

I just found a gem on - a complete list of all the books listed on the Ableside website that are available as audio books from Librivox. They have even listed the books by year, and included a list of the books not in the public domain, so you will know what you can't find online. So helpful. So many great books. Load up your mp3 player, and away you go, education for the whole family! 

This is one of the great beauties of homeschooling today, so many free resources for us now. 

Here is a preview (this is an image, the links are not live. Clicking the list will take you to the Librivox page).

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