Geography via Classic Literature

How can my kids learn Geography without a curriculum?

The Classics are full of Geography, you just need to take the time to notice it.

Mark up a world map with the locations from the books you read aloud, or find an inexpensive globe at a thrift store to write on.

Or, create an interactive online map wit ZeeMaps. 

I saw a map posted online, of epic road trips from literature. I went straight to check it out, and was sorely disappointed. The map was impressive, for sure, but the books represented were not what I expected. So I decided to create the map I wanted. I found a map maker, with the ability to crowdsource the locations. I started adding locations, and invited some others to add from the Classics they are reading. Now I am putting it out there for you to add your Places from the Classics. 

The Key(password) to add locations is litmap

Choose one color marker for all locations from a single book or series. For example, I used Sunflower for the Little House series. Once all colors of markers have been used, go ahead and start repeating colors, just try to keep them separate on the map, so don't use the Sunflower markers for other books set in the middle of the United States.

Once you add a location, you can't move it (only the Admin can), so take your time in selecting the location. Click around in the software to see what can be done. 

Obviously, North America will be the most crowded, so let's not forget Classics from around the world.

Let's get this map loaded up!

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