Frustrated with Homeschool Plans that Box You In? Break FREE!

Project Inspire Planners help you create inspiration.

Instead of planners which, once filled in, dictate what you do for school every day, hour and even minute, our planners work with your kids' passions to craft an education that is truly unique and personalized to each individual. You won't find lesson plans or daily schedules broken down in 15 minute chunks in these planners.

You may be thinking "But how on earth can I homeschool without a schedule? How will I know that I've covered every subject each day?"

Actually, did you know you don't have to cover every subject each day?

Truly great education happens when kids are inspired, and that is our goal.

Backing away from the strict schedule may seem "out there", but if you widen your view to weeks, months, or <gasp> even years, educating your children by encouraging their passions, and allowing them to focus on the things they love, you will find your kids are much more engaged. What they learn is truly theirs, not just remembered long enough to pass the test. They know it, because they love it!

Unschoolers already have this view, but the trap with most unschooling is that it is only focused on what the kids love right now, and if that is video games 8 hours a day, so be it.

Our outlook is different.

We want to help you inspire your kids to get a broad education, filled with the love of classic literature, projects, history, mathematics, poetry, writing, science and so on.

You might think that sounds like crazy-talk.

Maybe you can't imagine that children, especially your children, could truly love their education. But it does happen! When we stop telling them what to do every minute, and start inspiring them, their education can change into a love-affair with learning.

If that sounds intriguing, welcome to a new way of planning your children's education.