Summer Bundle Special

 Get all three original Project Inspire printable planners for a great deal. 

Home Education Record Keeper - $14 value

"I'm impressed. I'd actually use these! They are general enough but in the right way to align with my TJEd homeschool, instead of constantly pulling me toward thinking in a grade level and subject sort of way. " - K.G.


Learning Log Book - $4 value

"My core phase girls went for the cover page instantly and wanted to color it. Job well done. I like how this set is smaller and more manageable for a child... Overall I'm very impressed. I plan on recommending these to my unschooling group for those that want to keep track of all their kids do." - L.M.


Scholar Student Record Book - $11 value

 Save $9 when you buy this Original Combo Pack, all three planners for only $20!