Learning Log Book - Printable

Learning Log Book - Printable

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NOTE: I've made these planners available again temporarily, at half price, due to COVID-19 and so many people unexpectedly homeshooling their children right now. Please read the full description to understand what these planners are and what they are not.

  • Simplify the record keeping needed for reporting the learning happening in your homeschool with pages for Reading, Activities and Projects. No more scrambling to recall just what your children have learned.
  • Keep track of ALL your children's interests with the Big List and Compass. Ideal for jogging the memory when planning field trips, books to check out and videos to watch.
  • Inspire your kids to read more by utilizing the Book Bingo page. Featuring categories like A book about Pirates, A fairy tale by Hans Christen Anderson and A book set in Early Rome, so your kids can broaden their interests in a fun challenge.
  • Delivered immediately, in PDF format, to the email you check out with. Print as many copies as you need. Buy it once and use it for years to come with all your children.

"My core phase girls went for the cover page instantly and wanted to color it. Job well done. I like how this set is smaller and more manageable for a child... Overall I'm very impressed. I plan on recommending these to my unschooling group for those that want to keep track of all their kids do." - L.M.

The Learning Log Book is a simple way for you or your child to keep track of learning, with pages for books read, activities, projects and more. For young children, you might want to just use the Reading Log, Activity Log and Big List to keep it simple. This log can really help if you have to keep records for your state. Put these pages in the front of a portfolio binder and also include an array of samples of what your child has been working on, photographs, printouts from learning websites of progress, drawings, plans, copies of letters they write to relatives, recipes they have prepared, anything at all.

The best way to encourage your child to record their learning each day, is for you to record yours. Print out an extra copy for yourself, and dig in. When your child asks what you are doing, show him your Learning Log Book, and tell him that he can do it too! 

Your Learning Log Book is delivered to you in PDF format, immediately upon completion of your order, via email. Print as many copies as you need, it is not necessary to purchase more than once.

For older students, you may want to check out the Scholar Record Book.

Includes: Reading Log, Activity Log, Project Log, My Questions, Big List, Classics Check List, Compass and two Book Bingos.