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Project Inspire - Scholar Record
Project Inspire - Scholar Record

Project Inspire - Scholar Record

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NOTE: The Project Inspire planners have been temporarily discontinued. I will post an update when they are available again.

With this Scholar Record Book your student will finally be able to keep track of all their learning. Fifteen printable pages designed especially for self-directed or mentored high school students, and adults who feel they did not get the education they now want. Our Record Book isn't simply pages of classes and assignments, although those are in there too for those dual-credit college courses or online courses your student may choose to enroll in. Truly like no other home education record book you have ever tried.

Your Scholar Record is delivered to you in PDF format, immediately upon completion of your order, via email. Print as many copies as you need, it is not necessary to purchase more than once.

Pages include: 
Weekly Rhythm, Monthly Planning, Three Month Planning, Study Log, Study Resources, Study Expanding, Scholar Reading Record, Assignments, Class Tracker, Goals, Bucket List, Reading Checklist, Project Planner, My Big List, Scholar Compass